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We believe that innovation can come at no risk.

Globalization and digitization are moving the world forward. Economic uncertainty is always present. Competitors are refocusing. New developments require alliances of strengths. The Railway Communication sector is characterized by an international multi-faceted transport environment with very strict, country-specific certification processes. Railways operate under conservative and steady rules. Any failure puts human lives at risk. The demand is for proven technology paired with innovation. IP technologies, the parallel use of old and new mobile radio standards, the switch from push-button telephones to smartphones, EU-uniform certifications, etc. require continuous infrastructure adjustments while ensuring continuous service. This it a field in which WINGCON moves with confidence.

We implement future-proof, stable telecommunications solutions that are fully redundant and secure. Behind this stands knowledge, experience and a team of outstanding professionals. In addition, our partnerships with universities allows us to gain from the research at the universities and allows the universities to learn from how we apply their research in practice.

Solution Management

Consulting, Customization, Engineering, Implementation, Monitoring and Support in the field of telecommunications.

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Global consultancy and telecommunications solutions for markets with high security requirements.

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Special Services

Consulting services in the field of telecommunications.

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