IP Multimedia Messaging Center

The IP Multimedia Messaging Center is an RCS-based instant messaging solution. It facilitates the sending of text messages, documents, images and videos across the network. Chats and group chats are supported. The trasmission of the messages is performed in a secure and accountable manner. The IP Multimedia Messaging Center is seamlessly integrated into the SMSC, VMS and Recording applications. This integration enables the fallback to SMS, for example, if the recipient does not have the capability to receive multimedia messages. If needed, messages can be recorded on the BBRC or voice messages from the VMS mailboxes can be sent as multimedia messages. Security between the service senter and the client is guaranteed via encryption as well as via an Access Matrix.

The WINGCON IP Multimedia Messaging Center is fully integrated into the modular WINGCON RMC and can also be offered along with other text messaging and media messaging applications as single system.

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