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We are only satisfied, when all the involved parties are convinced by the result.

If customers, who in Railway Communication sector are transportation companies and their partners, want to build or change their communication networks, we recognize that the interests of all parties must be fulfilled. This starts with the partners, who want to strengthen their relationship with the transportation company, and extends to the strategic decision-making levels in the company, whose interest is a cost effective future-proof communication solution. Our comprehensive, systematically structured service model, which ranges from consulting to support, enables us to quickly and flexibly respond to evolving customer needs. Delivery and schedule adherence are key to our service model. This ensures that the customer side can be easily coordinate the different services which are being delivered and all milestones during the course of the project can be met.

wingcon customer strategy


Being a visionary, means planning strategically and proactively finding solutions. Furthermore, your task is to determine bottlenecks, identify relevant trends and find sustainable alternatives to existing solutions.

We support you with information and inputs for your next technological evolution, to ensure the viability of your targeted technical goal.

In addition, we will work together to analyze the feasibility of the desired solution and then develop a coherent and complete derscription of the concept.

By implementing the concept under the required time and cost constraints, we enable you to implement your innovative solution and make a significant step towards securing your technical and financial growth.

wingcon customer sales


You want to bring feasible and economically attractive complete solutions to your contract partners. Upon conclusion of the contract, it is important for you to build up a trustful relationship with your customer after all deadlines and tender requirements are met.

We help you find the appropriate solution for each of your projects that best meets the requirements of your customer, including the compliance matrix. Our goal is to enable you to offer the most attractive solution to your partners, on the most favorable terms, based on a valid assessment of the price-performance ratio.

In addition to our contribution to meet financial goals, our approach assures that all tender and implementation dates are met and secured, despite the usually very tight delivery and completion times.

wingcon customer contracting


You are responsible for the entire contract negotiation and wish to guarantee the buy-in of all members of the Tender Team without major friction. Among your top priorities are to avoid gaps in the contract, ensure the completeness of the contract and meet deadlines for all parties.

Our experience with numerous multi-layered projects give us the expertise to help you, to implement all relevant requirements of the contract and make the contract conditions the basis of negotiation.

We offer you flexibility and choice during assessing of services and combine this with absolute pricing transparency. This ensures the best relationship between functionality, price and delivery.

Our comprehensive documentation allows you to map the solution directly onto the planned project requirements. In addition, you receive legal certainty and plausibility for the service description.

wingcon customer architecture technology

Architecture & Technology

Your focus is on defining the architecture of the solution, your target to realize the best technical solution and to recommend optional components, based on the requirements. Towards this goal, you need precise descriptions and the optimal functionality of the offered solution. It is also important that this solution to be future proof.

We believe in reducing the complexity of proposed solutions, both "top down" and "bottom up" through the optimal integration of all existing and new components. In this way we are able to achieve with you a functioning "optimal solution".

In this context, we see it as a crucial to highlight problems that may be critical to success, such as compatibility, interoperability, and supportability.

Our objective in the collaboration is to build trust and to support the overall solution by ensuring technical stability.

wingcon customer coordination


You coordinate the flow of several projects and aim to process them in parallel as smoothly as possible. Against this background, you need a coordinated and feasible project plan that protects both human and material resources as best as possible and still allows you to adhere to all defined milestones of the project.

Our service approach supports you in all project phases to diagnose technical, economic and temporal conflicting goals between the various
involved parties and to identify areas of competence.

This gives you the desired overview at all levels of the project, which you need as a decision-making
basis for bringing up all the sub-interests together.

wingcon customer purchasing


You implement the substantive requirements and technical specifications of the project in an order process, the priority of which is to guarantee and secure on-time delivery in all dimensions. At the same time you pay particular attention to the fulfillment of the described delivery contents, dates and services and to controling the provision of services in a simple way.

Our offers enable you to easily adjust between specifications and solution concept and they support you in the compliance processing of the entire order. If necessary, we work out the necessary changes to the offer in direct coordination with you, we proactively monitor the project flow and aim at absolute transparency and traceability for the service provision.

wingcon customer realisation


You implement all facets of the project and aim to put the entire “end-to-end” system into operation in an effective and efficient manner at the first attempt.

With our precise documentation and fast system setup, we eliminate the lack of parts and establish the correct operation on schedule.

wingcon customer analysis


You work with the deployed system and require smooth operation for all analysis processes. When applying all modules, it is particularly important for you to operate all the required functions in a very convinient way.

Our systems enable rapid and reliable process of analyses and tasks at any time, by evaluating the recorded data, without data leaks and complicated search routines.

wingcon customer administration


You manage and maintain the systems and want to avoid major changes after the initial setup. It is important for you that the overall system is easy to administrate, while it also runs permanently stable.

We only implement systems offering simple and comprehensive configuration options, having the lowest failure rates, and providing the best possible control for the user.

Solution Management

Consulting, Customization, Engineering, Implementation, Monitoring and Support in the field of telecommunications.

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Secure and innovative telecommunications technologies.

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