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We are customer-focused working on future proof solutions.

Whether in railways or in an airport environment, network reliability is always a priority. In railway communication, for example, calls, text messages and signaling must be reliably transmitted, recorded and stored and in addition must adhere to the requirements of the regulatory authorities. WINGCON meets the challenge that technology and standards are constantly evolving by offering future-proof telecommunications solutions: Solutions that support all mobile standards and technologies, connect different networks, e.g. private and public networks, and remain interoperable.

WINGCON tries to balance the needs of the customer with the contraints of technology and standards. Some of our customers need new infrastructure while others want to expand or upgrade their communication system. The needs of each customer, their business process and their existing infrastructure play a crucial role in the solutions and services we deliver. We believe customized solutions are the best value for the customer.


WINGCON advises customers who are new to telecommunications sector:

Complete new systems, engineering and solution approaches.



WINGCON takes over when customers are looking for a new partner for their existing communication network:

Replacement of existing systems, possible parallel operation of old and new ones, as well as migration concepts.



WINGCON customers have the opportunity to expand the capacity and the interfaces of their network:

Capacity increase, integration of additional or changed interfaces such as PBX and license reusability.


Tuning up

Additional functions can be integrated into existing WINGCON networks at any time:

Additional features, implementation of customer requirements and ideas.



If a WINGCON network is at the end of its life cycle, we support you with the upgrade:

Replacement of EOL systems (end-of-life), migration solutions with data transfer and licenses are included in the Premium Support option.



If communication networks need to be expanded or replaced, we accompany the change process:

Introduction of additional products and establishment of platform synergies.

Solution Management

Consulting, Customization, Engineering, Implementation, Monitoring and Support in the field of telecommunications.

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Secure and innovative telecommunications technologies.

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