Resilient Messaging Center (RMC)


The Resilient Messaging Center (RMC) is a customized product for railways and mission critical environments which combines applications for text and multimedia based communication. These applications include the Short Message Service Center, the Cell Broadcast Center and the Voice Mail System. Although each of these applications can be offered as a stand-alone product, the ability of the RMC to integrate many of them into a single system provides many benefits. The RMC also offers optional features such as the IP Short Message Gateway and the Short Message Router.

The WINGCON Resilient Messaging Center provides a flexible and extensible online system with a powerful and configurable routing engine which can handle railway-specific features like Functional Addressing and prioritization.

In addition it offers an easy configuration of traffic restriction parameters, neccessary for railway operations.


Further features

  • Short Message Router (SM Router)
  • IP Short Message Gateway (IP SMGW)
  • Redundancy for text and media services in various configuration options

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