WINGCON Server Platform (WSP)

The basis of all WINGCON solutions is the WINGCON Server Platform. It provides some basic functions for the applications including:

  • An intuitive multilingual web-based user interface (GUI) for operational and administrative purposes
  • Granular dynamic application management
  • Secure and flexible user, group and permissions management
  • SNMP alarm management
  • Tools for statistics and evaluation (reports)
  • Basic libraries for applications and interfaces
  • A database management system
  • WINGCON libraries e.g. for messaging, logging, monitoring, and Code-Sets
  • WINGCON telecom stacks for ISDN, QSIG, MAP, BICC, SIP-R, etc.
  • An automated test framework for test-driven development and regression testing

The platform may run on bare metal servers as well as on virtual machines.

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